Welcome to the home page of the Regional Museum of History – Shumen!

The museum is a successor of the District National Museum opened in 1904 at the Archaeological Society in the town and preserves more than 150 000 records of the past, 15 000 of which are displayed in the exhibition halls. It is amongst the richest museums in Bulgaria. The exhibition follows the history of the Shumen region in the context of the European and Bulgarian history from the 5th millennium BC till the 20th century. It is housed in a specially constructed building.

The Regional Museum of History comprises Pliska National Historical and Archaeological Reserve, Madara National Historical and Archaeological Reserve, Shumen Fortress Archaeological Reserve, three house museums – P. Volov’s, D. Voynikov’s, Lajosh Kossuth’s and Pancho Vladigerov Museum Complex.

Нова временна експозиция...

На 31 март 2017 г. от 16:00 часа в комплекс "Авшарян"; ул. "Стара планина" № 2 ще се открие новата... [+]

A guest exhibition "Gabrovo Profit"

Gabrovo Profit mobile exhibition of the House of Humor and Satire Museum – Gabrovo is displayed on the second floor of the Marble Foyer till May, 3rd. [+]

Музеен комплекс "Панчо...

На 13 март 2017 г. музеен комплекс "Панчо Владигеров" ще проведе "Ден на отворените врати".... [+]