A massive bound gate leads the way through a yard enclosed by high stone walls, covered with cobblestones, with high hollies, а well and а flower garden. Here, in an older house, in 1833 Dobri Voynikov was born – an eminent Bulgarian revival teacher and author of textbooks, musician, participant in the First Bulgarian Orchestra from 1850, composer, the first Bulgarian orchestra conductor and music critic, involved in the works of the cultural center, dramatist, theater critic and author of the first Bulgarian drama (Stoyan Voivode). A two-storey house from the Bulgarian revival period towers above the yard, with broad wood eaves and two rows of windows. Voynikov himself financed its construction in 1862. Today, as an ambassador of the past, it takes its place in the historical and architectural heritage of Shumen.

In 1976 this home was transformed into a museum. Authentic materials reconstruct the interior of the home, in which the renowned Bulgarian grew, lived and worked. The lower room with the chest from the Holy Land, the big icon and the nacre Holy Land cross that belonged to his father reveal the atmosphere of his home... [+]