Thracians believed that death was a part of life and the honour to dead was a main moral duty. That is why they performed their rites – the higher the status of the deceased the more impressive the burial rites and constructions

The lands of the Shumen region, occupied by the Krobyzoi from the Getae tribal union, treasure such proofs even to the present. More than 600 tumuli constructed in different epochs, assembled in a couple of groups are being researched by generations of archaeologists. The largest of these centers consists of about 150 mounds and is located along the valley of the Kamchiya River near Ivansky, Smyadovo, Yankovo.

Two tombs from the 4th c. BC were discovered in a tumulus near the village of Ivansky. Exhibited in situ they present the burial rite in honour of the Thracian aristocrats... [+]