The village is situated 28 km to the northeast of Shumen on the road to Kaolinovo on the background of an impressive artificial mound. There is an old Roman fortification there. A massive curtain wall with huge towers with a diameter of 18.5 m is raised 1 km to the east of the village near its northern slope. The construction is with the typical of the Late Antiquity compound masonry. The face of the bricks is coloured in red and this makes the construction even more impressive. The fortress dates back to the first half of the 4th c. It was built in connection to the frequent barbarian inroads from the north. From the 3th to the 5th century the settlement had been burnt down and razed to the ground by Goths and Huns. The significance of the fortress imposed its restoration and fortification. That is why a second wall was erected – outworks, with a deep moat in front of it. Suggestively this was the antique Regina Dinea. ...[+]