In 1849 after the tragic end of the Hungarian national revolution, a group of immigrants – Polish and Hungarian – lead by the political bellwether Lajos Kossuth arrived in Shumen. They were settled in the infantry barracks and their leader – in the house of haji Dimitraki Hadjipanev.

The Bulgarian – host of Kossuth was a wealthy tradesman and a participant in the early established self-government of Shumen. For a short time he was the mayor of the Bulgarian commune too.

The house was rich. It was constructed in the 30’s of the 19th c. to the east of the then bustling Arasta street. The initial façade, the three level yard washed in green and encircled with high walls, the richly decorated ceilings, the wood-carved doors and cup-boards, as well as its felicitous disposition of the rooms make it one of the most ingenious monuments of the Revival architecture in Shumen... [+]