This is the house in which one of the most charming heroes of the Bulgarian national revolution grew up – the apostle of the April Uprising – Panayot Volov.

In 1966 the house was restored and transformed into a museum. Nowadays it is the earliest preserved building in Shumen from the end of 18th c.

Authentic materials re-create the atmosphere of the childhood and juvenile years of the hero who was born in the late autumn of 1850 in the vivid then Shumen. The exhibition reveals the conditions of life of the big and poor but united Volov family. There are three premises in the house – kitchen, living room and the room where Volov’s study was. The kitchen has still all the things needed for making bread and delicious meals. Copper dishes, clay pots and bowls are places on the shelves in the living room, and the dining table with the three-legged stools around it once gathered the whole family – the mother Vasilka, the father Vicho and their seven children – Stefania, Panayot, Vichka, Nikola, Marin, Yordan and Dimitar. Motley rugs, pillows and snow-white stripe linens cover every nook and corner of the room in which the study of the scholarly Volov was. His books, candlestick, ink well, the beautiful porcelain box and the issues of Botev’s newspaper – Zname are still placed on the table... [+]