The only in Bulgaria museum complex devoted to music is on the old Arasta Street (the modern Tsar Osvoboditel). It consists of two separate museum exhibitions – Pancho Vladigerov house museum and The Music Life in Shumen exhibition. The complex has a temporary exhibitions hall and a concert hall.

The house where the world known composer Pancho Vladigerov took his first steps in music is now a museum. This is the home of the Zhekov family – Alexander and Pavla – the place where at the age of six Pancho took his first piano lesson. His teacher was Pavla Weissman Zhekova, who later became his mother-in-law

Pancho Vladigerov was born on the 13th of March 1899. Under a combination of circumstances he was born in Zurich, not in Shumen – a town with old traditions, where his parents lived and where he spent his childhood, the town he felt was his home, the town with which he was mound up through all of his life.... [+]