The most significant monuments related to the foundation of Danube Bulgaria, the creation of the Bulgarian nationality, culture and literature are situated in Shumen region. Archaeological finds from the first capitals – Pliska and Preslav, the cult center Madara, Omurtag’s Aul and the Shumen fortress develop several topics connected to the First Bulgarian State. A special place is devoted to the appearance of the town of Shumen and its development till its conquest by the Ottoman Turks.

Hall 1

Two unique cult monuments from 11th c. discovered near the village of Tsarev Brod – the only ones on the Balkan Peninsular – welcome the visitor to the first exhibition hall. The exhibition begins with the theme Pre-state period depicted by finds from 7th c. unearthed in settlements along the Ticha River and pottery connected to the arrival and settling of the proto-Bulgarians.... [+]