The exhibition of the Christian culture 17th – 19th c. is based on the collection principle. Some of the richest collections owned by the Regional Museum of History – Shumen, gathered for more than hundred years – icons, church plate and liturgical books are exhibited.

The time span of the icon collection of the Shumen museum begins with the colour frescoes from the 4th c., that decorated a Byzantine basilica near the village of Han Krum (the earliest Christian images unearthed on Bulgarian lands), includes the icons of the Preslav painted ceramics and reaches the works of some of the most notable Bulgarian icon-painters in 19th c. The icons in the Christian Culture Hall are painted in 17th – 19th c. Most of them are works of two renowned icon-painters from the town – Nikola Vasilev and Vasil Bedelev. Nikola Vasilev was born in 1834, studied painting and icon painting in Macedonia and Greece, he decorated churches and painted icons in the regions of Shumen, Varna, Sliven and Dobrudzha ... [+]