The earliest settlement in the lands of the Shumen region dates back to the Neolithic Age (second half of 6th millennium BC) and is located near the village of Lovets. During the Chalcolithic period (5th millennium BC) a dense settlement system developed. The Large and the Small Cave near Madara, the settlement mounds near Salmanovo, Lovets, Vinitsa, Sushina, Ivanovo, Sini Vir and Smyadovo are amongst the researched ones. The artifacts discovered in the Kodzhadermen mound near Shumen bear the characteristics of one of the richest archaeological cultures in Southeastern Europe from the 5th millennium BC that entered Bulgarian and world history with the name of Kodzhadermen Culture. From the Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC – 12th century BC) in the Shumen region are researched settlements and grave mounds near Mirovtsi, Madara, Kalugeritsa, Tsarev Brod etc ... [+]