Turkish inroads to the Balkan peninsular started in the 14th c. The town of Shumen was conquered by the troops of Ali Pasha in 1388 and a small Turkish garrison was squatted inside the fortress. The town took an important strategic part in the disastrous war in which Bulgaria was completely conquered.

The Second Crusade of Wladyslaw III Jagiello – king of Poland and Hungary aiming at liberating the Christians from Ottoman dominion began in 1444. The troops conquered easily the small inland fortresses in Northeastern Bulgaria but the Shumen fortress offered serious resistance. After a several days’ siege it was conquered – demolished and scorched. After the failure of the crusade and the return of the Turks in Shumen, they gradually turned the town into an important military and economic center that endured till the Liberation.

By means of photographs, documents and artifacts, the exhibition reveals the history of the town of Shumen and the Shumen region during the period of Ottoman dominion.

Revival Hall 2

Shumen’s contribution to the Bulgarian spiritual revival is the main subject of the exhibition in the second hall. Photographs and documents, as well as personal belongings of families from Shumen attract the attention of the visitor to some of the first educational and cultural events to take place on Bulgarian lands... [+]